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According to a report, employees with these skills could expect a 50% salary increase in 2024. Learn more here

<p>According to an Amazon Web Services (AWS) analysis, Indian workers who possess AI expertise and training might soon see wage gains exceeding 54%, in addition to those in IT and research and development who already enjoy the largest pay rises.</p>
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<p>According to the research, about 99 percent of employers anticipated or made plans for their firms to transition to AI-driven operations by 2028.</p>
<p>Which department will gain from AI?<br />
According to the report, 97% of employers believe that their finance department will benefit the most from AI, and 96% also believe that sales and marketing, research and development, and business operations could benefit. The human resources, legal, and business operations departments are also expected to benefit more from AI.</p>
<p>Approximately 98% of businesses and employees who participated in the poll anticipate using generative AI technologies in the workplace over the next five years, with the top advantage being “increasing innovation and creativity,” according to 73% of employers.</p>
<p>The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Report: What Is It?<br />
500 businesses and 1,600 employees in India were surveyed for the publication Accelerating AI Skills: Preparing the Asia-Pacific Workforce for Jobs of the Future.</p>
<p>According to Amit Mehta, Head of AWS Training and Certification, AWS India, AWS is assisting businesses like Wipro, L&T Technology Services, Iris Software, and others in upskilling their staff members in order to get them ready for a world driven by generative artificial intelligence.</p>
<p>Results for Amazon Web Services<br />
The study also identified a skills gap in AI, noting that although 96% of firms in the nation prioritise recruiting candidates with AI expertise, 79% of them are unable to locate the talent they need. Governments, business, and educators must therefore work together more, according to the research.</p>
<p>Workers are also excited about the potential of AI; according to the survey, 95% of Indian workers expressed interest in learning AI skills to advance in their jobs. This desire is cross-generational.</p>
<p>The desire to learn AI skills is high among Gen Z workers (95%), Millennials (96%), and Gen X workers (93%). Additionally, 90% of senior boomers, a group that often considers retirement, said they would sign up for an AI upskilling course if one was made available to them.</p>

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