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Interpreting Global Education Resource Inequality: CoinEx Charity Assists in the Path of Knowledge Popularization

In today’s world, the issue of unequal distribution of educational resources is becoming increasingly prominent, as inequality lowers the quality of educational resources available to students. With the widespread adoption of digital technology, the digital divide has also become a major challenge in global education resource inequality. According to a United Nations report, approximately 320 million children and adolescents worldwide lack reliable internet access, limiting their ability to access more educational resources and further exacerbating the phenomenon of educational resource inequality. In this context, CoinEx Charity has decided to contribute to addressing the issue of educational resource inequality by conducting global public welfare lectures.


Collaborating with Universities for Education Equity


The “Dreaming of Education” public welfare lectures are one of CoinEx Charity’s important philanthropic projects this year, aiming to spread blockchain knowledge to global university students through public welfare popular science lectures and expand the scope of fair distribution of educational resources. Blockchain, as a disruptive technology, is changing various aspects of the world, but many people still know little about it, especially in areas with limited educational resources.


In March of this year, the CoinEx Charity team embarked on a year-long global charity lecture journey, starting from Vietnam. This year, we will collaborate with universities and trading institutions worldwide to hold public welfare popular science lectures called “Dreaming of Education.” This is not only a knowledge dissemination event but also a powerful practice of CoinEx Charity’s mission to “make the world a better place through blockchain.”



Blockchain is one of the most forward-looking technologies in the world today, with tremendous transformative power. The “Dreaming of Education” public welfare popular science lectures hosted by CoinEx Charity aim to popularize blockchain knowledge among global university students and guide them to pay attention to and understand the importance and prospects of this field. CoinEx Charity believes that through such public welfare popular science activities, it can not only help more students realize their dreams but also contribute to the development of blockchain technology.


Education is the key to changing destinies, and the popularization of knowledge is the cornerstone of promoting social progress. Guided by this philosophy, CoinEx Charity is committed to practicing its mission by conducting public welfare popular science lectures at universities worldwide, providing opportunities for students who lack educational resources. These lectures not only impart blockchain knowledge but also open doors to future development for students.


CoinEx Charity believes that everyone should have the right to equal access to education, regardless of where they come from or their circumstances. Therefore, CoinEx Charity is committed to breaking the phenomenon of unequal distribution of educational resources. Through public welfare popular science education and charitable assistance, CoinEx Charity strives to enable more people to gain knowledge and realize their dreams. CoinEx Charity firmly believes in the power of education to change the world, and the global public welfare lectures of CoinEx Charity are an important step towards achieving this goal.


Sowing Seeds of Love on the Road to Education


CoinEx Charity’s mission has always been to “make the world a better place through blockchain technology,” and the “Dreaming of Education” public welfare popular science lectures are an important part of our mission. By providing knowledge and inspiration to students, we hope to inspire more young people’s interest in blockchain technology, cultivate future tech leaders, and promote sustained progress and development of society.


As a global charity organization with social responsibility, CoinEx Charity will continue to explore and practice more meaningful philanthropic projects with an open, innovative, and responsible attitude, using the power of charity to light up the future paths of more people and bring more hope to the world.


Assisting in the Popularization of Knowledge


In the future, CoinEx Charity will continue to be committed to public welfare undertakings, practice social responsibility with practical actions, and contribute to solving global education problems. At the same time, CoinEx Charity will strengthen cooperation with global public welfare organizations, contribute to building a more equitable and harmonious world through the “Dreaming of Education” public welfare popular science lectures and other projects.


CoinEx Charity hereby calls on more caring individuals and charitable organizations to join our education assistance program. Everyone can contribute to the cause of educational equity, whether through donating funds, providing educational resources, or participating in volunteer activities, to make a difference in the world. CoinEx Charity is willing to work with more compassionate partners to jointly promote the popularization and equity of education, pave the way for the future of children, and enable them to fully realize their potential as future pillars of society.


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