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Are Online Consultations Beneficial: A Patient’s Opinion

Anamika was reluctantly browsing the self-checkout aisles at the grocery store, her 6-year-old son Rahul in tow, when she felt the familiar tightness in her chest and shortness of breath. Not this again, she thought with a sigh. 


Anamika had been suffering from asthma since childhood, but her symptoms had been flaring up more frequently over the past few months. She knew she needed to speak with her doctor, but juggling work, Rahul school activities, and other family obligations made it incredibly difficult to schedule an appointment during standard office hours.


As Anamika settled the groceries into the car, she remembered her doctor mentioning that their practice now offered online consultations. She hadn’t considered that option before, always preferring the traditional face-to-face visit. But given her increasingly hectic schedule and the persistent asthma issues, Anamika decided it was worth exploring virtual care.  


That evening after putting Rahul to bed, Anamika logged into the kapeefit online consultation portal and easily scheduled a video consultation with her doctor for the following day during her lunch break. 


She spent a few moments ensuring her computer webcam and microphone were working properly. While she had grown accustomed to video calls for work, she felt a slight apprehension about discussing personal health matters virtually. Would it feel too impersonal?


The next day at noon, Anamika settled onto her favorite recliner and joined the online waiting room. Within a couple of minutes, her trusted doctor of over 15 years appeared on her screen, as warm and engaged as ever. “Good afternoon, Anamika ,” her doctor said with a friendly smile. “I see you’re having some more asthma flare-ups?”


Anamika nodded, instantly feeling reassured. “Yes, it’s been pretty bad lately. I keep having to use my rescue inhaler multiple times a day, even for basic activities.”


Her doctor listened intently as Anamika described her symptoms in detail. Just like an in-person visit, she asked clarifying questions and requested Anamika demonstrate how she was using her inhaler to check her technique. 


Using the video’s share screen function, the doctor pulled up detailed diagrams to illustrate the effects of chronic asthma and provide a visual for her proposed adjustments to Anamika’s treatment plan.


By the end of the online ayurvedic consultation, Anamika had received a comprehensive new care plan including daily medication adjustments, an updated asthma action plan listing her triggers, and a referral for follow-up allergy testing. Her doctor also recommended scheduling an in-person appointment for a breathing treatment if her symptoms continued to worsen over the next week.


As Anamika showered and prepared for her afternoon meetings, she felt an immense sense of relief. Not only had she avoided missing work or important commitments to address her health needs, but the online consultation had been every bit as thorough and personalized as an in-person visit. 


In the past, Anamika had postponed or simply delayed care due to her overloaded schedule. But now, thanks to the option of kapeefit online consultations, she had ready access to her doctor’s professional expertise from the comfort of her own home. For busy individuals like herself, this virtual care model was a game-changer, eliminating critical barriers to prioritizing personal health and wellness.


Anamika was deeply grateful her provider had embraced telehealth services to expand access to quality care. While she would certainly continue scheduling in-person visits as needed, she looked forward to taking advantage of this convenient digital option for more routine consultations and follow-ups. After her positive experience, Anamika was now a firm believer in the value of online consultations.

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