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Sally Rooney has announced “Intermezzo,” a new book

<p>Celebrated writer Sally Rooney’s next book, “Intermezzo,” will enthrall readers once again when it comes out on September 24. Through the eyes of two brothers, Peter and Ivan Koubek, Rooney explores issues of love, family relationships, and bereavement in this much awaited novel.</p>
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<p>In less than ten years, Rooney, 33, has soared to literary fame and captivated audiences all over the globe with her moving tales. By penning critically praised novels like “Conversations with Friends” and “Normal People,” which were also turned into hit television shows, Rooney has cemented her status as one of the most renowned writers of our day.</p>
<p>“Intermezzo” chronicles Peter and Ivan’s life as they deal with their father’s death’s repercussions. Successful Dublin lawyer Peter struggles with his relationships with two very different women: college student Naomi, whose casual exterior belies deeper complexity, and Sylvia, his eternal first love. In the meanwhile, 22-year-old Ivan starts seeing an older lady who has a turbulent background.</p>
<p>“Intermezzo,” which has been described as a time of yearning, sadness, and opportunity, promises to provide readers an insight into the complicated lives of its protagonists as they deal with the difficulties of bereavement and the nuances of interpersonal relationships.</p>
<p>Over Rooney’s writing career, Mitzi Angel, president of Farrar, Straus and Giroux, has worked closely with her. Thinking back on their collaboration, Angel praises Rooney’s unique voice and razor-sharp humor, which have captured readers’ attention from her debut.</p>
<p>With Rooney’s parents still alive, the roots of “Intermezzo” are still unknown, but Angel highlights the author’s constant devotion to her characters and their narratives. Readers are left anxiously awaiting Rooney’s next literary adventure because of the depth and sincerity of her storylines, which demonstrate her deep commitment to her characters.</p>
<p>Fans of Sally Rooney are excitedly awaiting the publication of “Intermezzo,” another masterwork from the talented storyteller that is full of deep insights into human nature and emotional depth.</p>