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Bazball explained by Joe Root: It’s Not About Being Arrogant, But About Bringing Out the Best in the Team

<p>Joe Root clarified that England’s “Bazball” strategy in Test cricket is about achieving the greatest outcome possible for the squad on Saturday rather than being conceited.</p>
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<p>Following their historic 434-run defeat to India in the third Test match in Rajkot, England’s ultra-aggressive strategy under captain Ben Stokes and coach Brendon McCullum was widely criticized.</p>
<p>Recently, there have been instances when acting a little more aggressively is the best course of action. It seems like (Jasprit) Bumrah will be under pressure if I make that shot and execute it better, and our perspective on the game will change significantly once again.</p>
<p>It has nothing to do with haughtiness. The term “bazball” is often used, but that’s your phrase and not how we see it, Root said to media after Saturday’s conclusion of play in the second Test of the five-match series at the JSCA International Stadium Complex in Ranchi.</p>
<p>It’s about figuring out how to improve as a team and bring out the best in each other. Even if you won’t always get it perfect, we’ll keep working to become better.</p>
<p>Root emphasized that in order to counter the abilities of elite bowlers, a hitter must adapt and evolve.</p>
<p>“I have played so many games because I have to strive to keep improving as a player; I don’t want to stand still.” If you consistently play the same manner, teams will eventually figure out how to beat you and what your vulnerabilities are.</p>
<p>“There’s enough of knowledge available, and they are bowlers of the highest caliber for a reason. Thus, you will be discovered if you don’t make an effort to improve and discover new methods of scoring runs.</p>
<p>“It won’t matter if you’re not willing to make mistakes occasionally and get things wrong because they’ll still figure it out; you won’t always get things right.”</p>
<p>After England fell behind 112 for 5 at lunch on the first day of the Test match, Root hit back with an unbeaten 122 from 274 balls in a great knock that helped England total 353.</p>
<p>It seemed to have taken a while to arrive; for me, it had been a thin series. You take great satisfaction in being a veteran player who tries to make contributions that put you in situations to win games, particularly considering my background in this region of the globe.</p>
<p>Although it has been disheartening, my considerable experience has allowed me to remain composed and have faith in my abilities. I’m preparing in a manner that indicates it will happen eventually. It was convenient to do it yesterday around lunch, given the circumstances.</p>