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Empower Social and Education Trust Honours Mr. Vilas Anant Kanskar’s Contributions with the Bharat Nirmiti Yogdan Award 2024

Mumbai: Empower Social and Education Trust proudly presents the 11th edition of the Bharat Nirmiti Yogdan Awards, a heartening celebration of dedication and achievement across various sectors. The grand award ceremony took place at the opulent Kohinoor Continental Hotel in Andheri, Mumbai, marking a splendid occasion where individuals from diverse fields were honored for their invaluable contributions.


The ceremony, a proof to the spirit of empowerment, recognized and celebrated the achievements of outstanding individuals, including retired army officers, military personnel, and accomplished delegates from the medical field. The Bharat Nirmiti Yogdan Award, a symbol of recognition and appreciation, was bestowed upon these individuals for their exemplary service and unwavering commitment to their respective fields.


Organized under the guidance of Dr. Ghanshyam Kolambe, the managing trust of Empower Social and Education Trust, the 11th edition of this remarkable ceremony commemorated a decade of honoring excellence. Dr. Kolambe’s vision and commitment have been instrumental in fostering a culture of recognition and encouragement for those who make significant contributions to society. Amidst the inspiring tales of dedication and perseverance, the ceremony also highlighted the remarkable journey of Mr. Vilas Anant Kanaskar, a true embodiment of resilience and determination.


Mr. Vilas Kanaskar encountered challenges early on when he delved into the direct selling industry. Despite pouring his heart and soul into his journey for four to five years, success seemed not coming. However, undeterred by setbacks, he refused to give up on his aspirations. His journey through the world of crypto, blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, ownership renouncement, and burn liquidity became a source of inspiration for many.


Empower Social and Education Trust extend heartfelt congratulations to Mr. Vilas Kanaskar for this well-deserved recognition. His story resonates with us all and serves as a reminder that every individual, through hard work and determination, can indeed achieve their dreams. As they applaud the achievements of the Bharat Nirmiti Yogdan Awardees and celebrate the success stories of individuals like Mr. Vilas Kanaskar, Empower Social and Education Trust look forward to continuing our journey of recognizing and honoring those who contribute significantly to the betterment of society.