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This is the fascinating story of Shoaib Malik’s “first wife” before Sania Mirza

<p>When former Pakistani cricket captain Shoaib Malik posted photos from his marriage to actress Sana Javed, the sports community was taken aback. The news verified the tidings of his split with Indian tennis player Sania Mirza, whose relatives had verified the same on social media the day before. However, not many people are aware that Shoaib’s first wife wasn’t Sania. In addition to being married in 2010, Sania and Shoaib also have a son called Izhaan Mirza Malik. Before reuniting with the Indian tennis star, Shoaib was said to have wed someone else and had to file for divorce.</p>
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<p>Prior to Shoaib’s 2010 marriage to Sania, a Hyderabadi lady called Ayesha Siddiqui made headlines when she claimed to have wed Shoaib in 2002.</p>
<p>Ayesha, also known as Maha Siddiqui, chose to file a police complaint and provide video evidence of their wedding even though Shoaib had refuted the accusations.</p>
<p>The Pakistani cricketer was then said to have negotiated a deal with Ayesha, which required him to divorce her and pay her INR 15 crore in alimony.</p>
<p>It’s the ‘telephonic nikah’ aspect of Shoaib and Ayesha’s marriage that was most intriguing. Shoaib himself spoke about getting a telephone nikah without ever seeing his wife in an interview with Times News Network. The player, who was just twenty years old at the time, had very few photos of Ayesha with him, despite their frequent phone conversations. Shortly thereafter, however, Shoaib was duped into marrying Ayesha—who wasn’t even the woman he believed to be in the photos.</p>
<p>Ayesha refused to see Shoaib and continued to make excuses, but in 2002 she informed the cricketer that she wanted to be married right away since her family was having a hard time because their relationship was in the press all the time.</p>
<p>“This incident took place in 2002. Ayesha want for us to tie the knot. I didn’t want to go into marriage too quickly, even though I wanted to marry her. I hadn’t met her, to start with. She recommended that we have a phone nikah immediately. My parents didn’t want me to be married this manner, therefore there was no way I could inform them about a phone nikah. At the age of 20, Ayesha put a lot of pressure on me to be married since she claimed that our courtship was bringing shame to her family in Hyderabad. One morning in June 2002, I left my residence, went to a friend’s store, and made a call from there. In the interview, Shoaib said, “I signed a nikahnama, believing the girl I was marrying was the one in the pictures.</p>
<p>Shoaib discovered that the female he was speaking to over the phone wasn’t the same as the one he had seen in photos somewhere in August of 2005. Ayesha also gave him the truth when he questioned her about the same thing.</p>
<p>Shoaib even considered sharing the photos he possessed with him, but Ayesha advised him against it since the female in them was already married. Malik thought the images would destroy her life, so she didn’t reveal them.</p>