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Khelo India athletes flag food shortage in Madurai

<p>The mood of the current Khelo India Youth Games in Madurai was dampened on Saturday by complaints about a lack of food. Following an inspection, collector MS Sangeetha, who presided over the ceremony, alerted the contractor to the deficiency after learning about it from TNIE.</p>
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<p>According to the KIYG 2024 itinerary, Madurai will host Gatka on January 21–23. In the U-18 division, over 190 athletes from 19 states competed, with 10 of them from Tamil Nadu. On Sunday, there were rounds in three different categories: boys’ farri soti team, girls’ farri soti team, and boys’ single soti individual. The event was launched by Collector Sangeetha and Madurai MP Su Venkatesan.</p>
<p>A number of attendees have said that there hasn’t been enough food at the location since Saturday. “For breakfast, there was just one chapati and one cooked egg supplied. Due to scarcity, several of us got lower servings of meals yesterday,” a disgruntled athlete from another state said. The meal arrangements and accommodations were deemed inadequate by coaches and organizers, who also mentioned that players’ concerns went unanswered over delayed food service.</p>
<p>“A private contractor handling the food arrangements has been given tight instructions to ensure that there are never any shortages. After examining the location, collector Sangeetha said, “More officials have been assigned to oversee the arrangements at the venue.”</p>
<p>She promised that problems relating to the food scarcity will be resolved in a day. MP Venkatesan informed TNIE that the district administration would take action and that these accusations will damage Tamil Nadu’s reputation.</p>
<p>Before the events started, the Punjabi team entertained the crowd with a spectacular gatka display inside the venue. “For the last four years, we have been engaged in gatka, a Punjabi martial arts style. The gatka state team’s coach, Selvaraj, said that the Tamil Nadu squad also had a strong performance.</p>
<p>Notably, the boys’ and girls’ teams from the states won the first round.</p>
<p>They faced Rajasthan and Kerala, respectively. But in the boys’ single soti division, Saurabh Yadav of Uttar Pradesh defeated K Abimanyu of Tamil Nadu.</p>
<p>Small fire in the Velachery location of Khelo India</p>
<p>A small fire mishap in the gymnastics hall at the SDAT aquatic complex in Velachery, which is part of Khelo India, caused the postponement of the planned gymnastic events on Sunday morning by a few hours. Around five in the morning, laborers were doing some welding work in the hall. Police said, “We believe a spark from the location ignited a foam mat.”</p>