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Government Relaxes Some AC Industry Quality Control Order Standards

<p>To facilitate easier commercial dealings, the government has loosened quality control order (QCO) regulations for the air conditioner industry in an effort to address various concerns that the industry was facing. The order was published in 2019 and went into force in October of the same year.</p>
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<p>A government notice states that producers of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, as well as associated components, will no longer be able to purchase hermetic compressors with capacities more than 7000 W (2 TR) for a period of one year. Additionally, it has exempted 200 items or commodities annually from import duties in order to support manufacturers’ research and development.</p>
<p>However, these imported items should be disposed of as scrap rather than being permitted to be sold in the market. The original equipment manufacturers, or OEMs, were required to keep a year-by-year record of these products or items and provide them to the government upon request.</p>
<p>Additionally, each producer was granted an exemption for 6,000 hermetic compressors and heat exchangers that are produced locally or imported for sales and maintenance each year. It also said that this is “subject to the condition that such manufacturers shall declare its old stock” of heat exchangers and hermetic compressors.</p>
<p>Following an extensive stakeholder engagement with the sector, certain relaxations have been granted. The Department for Promotion of sector and Internal Trade (DPIIT) has proposed changes to address the problems the sector is facing as a result of the directive.</p>
<p>On December 5, 2019, the DPIIT first released the Air Conditioner and Related Parts, Hermetic Compressor, and Temperature Sensing Controls (Quality Control) Order, 2019. Following that, the industry asked that the Temperature Sensing Controls be removed from the list because of practical issues.</p>
<p>The date of the QCO’s implementation was three times extended in consideration of the challenges faced by AC manufacturers as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, in order to coincide with the date of the BEE energy table’s implementation, the lack of suitable testing facilities, and the BIS’s inability to conduct in-person audits of foreign manufacturers because of travel restrictions.</p>
<p>The department stated, “DPIIT introduces amendments in the Quality Control Order vide E-Gazette notification dated 2nd January 2024 for the smoother implementation and ease of doing business by providing certain relaxation/exemptions in response to resolve the issues faced by the Industry regarding the said QCO.”</p>
<p>In collaboration with the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), industry, and other stakeholders, the DPIIT is putting in place a quality control system for the nation’s industrial sectors that fall under its purview. In addition to raising the nation’s manufacturing quality standards, QCOs will boost the reputation and marketability of “Made in India” goods.</p>
<p>These steps will help India create a high-quality environment, together with development testing labs, product manuals, test lab accreditation, etc.</p>

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