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Regarding His Heart Attack, Shreyas Talpade said, “Clinically, I Was Dead.” This is my second attempt at life

<p>Bollywood actor Shreyas Talpade has spoken up about the terrifying experience he had a heart attack in December 2023. The actor referred to his recuperation as a “second chance at life” in an interview with ETimes. Shreyas acknowledged that his recovery was “nothing short of a miracle,” adding that he was unaware of this health setback. “I never expected to be in the hospital—not even for a fracture—because I had never been admitted before. Never undervalue the state of your health. Jaan is better than Jahaan. This kind of encounter alters your outlook on life. At 16, I began performing in theater, and at 20, I became a professional actress. I have only given my profession my whole attention for the last 28 years. We don’t appreciate our family enough. We believe we have enough time. We are not very good at preventative care as a country,” he was quoted as adding.</p>
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<p>Reexpressing gratitude to his spouse Deepti, medical professionals, and well-wishers for their support and care, Shreyas Talpade provided information on his health. “I have been working nonstop and traveling extensively for my films, Pushpa [Shreyas, who played Allu Arjun’s Hindi dubbed role] or shows for the past two and a half years,” he said. But for the last several months, I’ve been really tired. It was a bit out of the ordinary, but because I was working constantly, I assumed it was simply natural that I was a little tired. I persisted because I like what I was doing. Naturally, I had myself examined. I had blood tests, a 2D Echo, an ECG, and sonography performed. Because of my elevated cholesterol, I was on medicine. I was taking extra care since cardiac problems run in my family.</p>
<p>Shreyas Talpade described what transpired on that fateful day as follows: “We were filming Ahmed Khan’s Welcome To The Jungle in Mumbai at the SRPF grounds near Jogeshwari. Everything went well as we performed army training exercises like hanging on a rope and plunging into the water.I was out of breath and my left hand was hurting after the final shot. I had trouble walking to my vanity car to change into new clothing. Since we were filming action scenes, I assumed it was a muscle strain. You do not consider the worst-case situation, correct? I had never felt this level of exhaustion before.</p>
<p>“As soon as I got into the car, I felt I should head straight to the hospital, but thought I should go home first,” the Iqbal actor said in his statement. When my wife Deepti saw me like that, we drove to Andheri’s Bellevue hospital in less than ten minutes. We could see the hospital gate as we got closer, but we had to do a U-turn since the entrance was blocked. My face became numb the very next instant, and I fainted. A cardiac arrest occurred there. For those few minutes, my heart had stopped pounding. We were stalled in traffic, so Deepti had to crawl over me to get to the other side of the car so she could phone for assistance because she was unable to exit the vehicle from her side of the door. A couple folks hurried me inside and saved the day. I was brought back to life by the physicians using electrical shock therapy and CPR.”</p>
<p>Shreyas Talpade said that two major arteries were blocked—one completely and the other by 99%—and that he underwent an angioplasty to implant a stent. The physicians informed me that once I came to, I had smiled at them and apologized to my wife for putting her through this experience. I spent five days being watched over. He went on, “Now, I am taking one day at a time and resting it out,” when asked about his future intentions. The doctors indicated I may return to work after six weeks. I was also advised to take it easy by my producers. Right now, all I want to do is unwind, spend time with my kid, spend time with my family, watch some movies, and read some books. The people who suffer the most when something like this occurs are your family.</p>
<p>Shreyas also acknowledged how appreciative he is to have been given a “second chance at life.” “Clinically, I was dead,” the actor stated, describing what he had learned from the ordeal. A major cardiac arrest occurred. A wake-up call would be putting it mildly. I have been given another opportunity at life! I have no words to express my gratitude to everyone who helped to save my life. Not to mention my superwoman of a wife, who tried all within her power to rescue me. Our conversation today is due to her. Experiencing such affection and concern was amazing. My friends and relatives have been visiting me at home; these folks, Ahmed Khan and his wife, Akki [Akshay Kumar] bhai, given me a second life, and it’s a debt I can never return.</p>
<p>The actor’s wife Deepti sent a thank-you message a few days after Shreyas Talpade arrived home safely. “My life, Shreyas, is back home… safe and sound,” she stated in her letter. I would counter Shreyas by stating that I’m not sure where to place my trust. God Almighty, I finally know the solution to my query. When this significant moment in our lives occurred that evening, he was with me. I don’t believe I will ever again doubt his existence.</p>
<p>“I would like to take a moment and thank the Good Samaritans of our city,” she added, expressing gratitude to those who assisted Deepti and the couple during their time of need. I asked for assistance that night, and I received ten of them. They came hurrying, not knowing who they were assisting, while Shreyas lay inside the vehicle. To everyone there, you were God to us that night in human form. I’m grateful. I’m hoping you get my letter. Please know that you have my deepest gratitude for the rest of my life. That is the essence of Mumbai, this magnificent metropolis. Mumbai is made of that. It wasn’t like we were on our own. We received care.</p>
<p>With the starring part he played in Nagesh Kukunoor’s 2005 film Iqbal, Shreyas Talpade became well-known. His roles in popular movies like Om Shanti Om, Dor, Golmaal 3, Kaun Pravin Tambe?, and Housefull 2 are well-known.</p>

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