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On the IIFA 2023 stage, Nora Fatehi pays tribute to Helen while dancing to Piya Tu Ab To Aaja

Nora Fatehi's dance performances have always garnered a lot of attention. She is a fantastic performer and never hesitates to show off her talents. Her theatrical vigor is contagious. She recently gave a powerful performance on the IIFA Awards stage.

She also honored seasoned dancer and actress Helen with her dancing performance. A similar video has now gone viral. Nora danced in the video to the rhythm of the well-known song Piya Tu Ab To Aaja. Nora looked stunning in an all-red outfit, and she danced and acted well. After seeing the video, one of her followers said, “Nora is genuinely such a good dancer.” I enjoyed it, according to another remark. People seem to just say, “Oh it's Nora blah blah blah,” before complimenting her performances, in my opinion.

Nora has often said that she has always looked up to Helen. I am a tremendous admirer of Helen ma'am, the actress said in an earlier interview with Times Of India. I initially met her in December of 2017 and was given a blessing by her.

After she put her palm on my head, everything started to go better. Helen ma'am is definitely up there for me. It is a privilege to have known her since she is a brilliant light. Although I will never be able to compare to her, I hope that one day I will be able to make her proud of my dance abilities and what I offer to every song.

Nora has produced a number of fantastic successes on the music charts during the last several years. She gained attention with songs like “Manike” in “Thank God” and “Jehda Nasha” in “Action Hero” only last year. She gained notoriety with Kamariya, Saki Saki, and Dilbar. Her most recent work was in the Rajkummar Rao and B Praak song video Achha Sila Diya.

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