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IPL 2023: Stephen Fleming Says Chennai Super Kings Are More Prepared For The Championship Game Than In The Past

The four-time champion Chennai Super Kings are more prepared for the IPL final against Gujarat Titans than they have ever been, according to head coach Stephen Fleming, who made the statement on Saturday. In the past, when circumstances had an impact on their performance.

Fleming said that CSK's win-loss record stayed around 50% because they no longer develop and train their teams with the conditions and pitches of their home stadium, Chepauk, in mind.

He said that the squad will be prepared for any situation, since rain is predicted for the final on Sunday in Ahmedabad, and that they had previously made mistakes when interpreting weather and pitches.

In the pre-game news conference, Fleming said, “We geared ourselves up so well for Chennai that we did struggle with circumstances at times in away games. The finals were always a little bit of a challenge, and our record is roughly 50% of winning the final.

It may be because of the type of the game we developed; as a result of being so successful at home, we had to make modifications while playing in a neutral location.

CSK are “a bit more rounded” this year, according to Fleming.

“It was challenging travelling back to Chennai (for Qualifier 1) because of that. In the last qualifying game, I wanted to bowl (first), but batting turned out to be the wise move, since MS (Dhoni) was going the opposite way, he added.

The squad is diverse enough to put together performances even if we are far off the mark in our efforts to create the ideal circumstances. Given that there are now two available pitches for the final, we are not too concerned about the weather. We are in a far better position than we were before, he remarked.

Making early inroads would be crucial for his team, according to the former New Zealand captain, as GT batter Shubman Gill's scorching form will be CSK's toughest obstacle.

“He's playing pretty well, Gill. The strategies don't really alter; you just hope you can pick him up early and use your weaponry to seize the moment. We are only considering the possibility of moving into the middle order when you have openers and they are in such excellent form.

“If we can make a few early strides, then there is a chance, exactly as in the previous game we played. He is playing pretty well, but we have to get through him,” Fleming said.

Fleming, who has won the IPL championship four times with CSK, said it is difficult to win the trophy twice in a row.

“So difficult! It is impossible and will be very difficult for them (GT) to do (laughs). No, they are a good side; you must congratulate them on the work they have accomplished in such a short period of time, he remarked.

“I truly like the coaching staff; they are all really well-rounded men. Despite all of his talking, Ashish has a solid understanding of the game, and after working with him in Chennai, his excitement is really strong. We have a great deal of respect for what they have accomplished, but going back to back is really difficult.

Vikram Solanki, the team director for Gujarat Titans, acknowledged the assistance and noted that Gujarat Titans' familiarity with the surroundings of their “home ground” could serve them well.

“We have gained a lot from the experience of playing here, competing in the final here (last year), and winning those significant matches. It has improved us, he said.

“We are really grateful for the respect CSK has shown. We honour the fact that they have been a fantastic team for a significant amount of time. We are certain; whatever happens today will happen today, said Solanki.

Mohammad Shami (28 wickets), Rashid Khan (27 wickets), and Mohit Sharma (24 wickets), the top three wicket-takers in this IPL, are the bowling trifecta for GT, and they were lauded by Solanki.

“If you consider the whole competition, the impact player rule has had an effect on the amount of batters who are participating; as a result, wicket-taking becomes even more crucial. We've always had an attacking mindset, and we have an attack that can take wickets in various game situations, according to him.

“Our go-to strategy is to take wickets. All three of them have performed fairly well this year; they have put in tremendous effort, and they deserve every bit of success that will come their way.

At just 23, the former England hitter said that Gill might serve as a role model for aspiring batters.

“For a young guy, he is quite a remarkable batsman in terms of technique. He would undoubtedly be a good model for young players to follow while learning how to bat, according to Solanki.

“He is merely demonstrating his ability level, but he has all the attributes of a player of the highest calibre. For our benefit, he is in excellent shape and puts a lot of effort into improving his game outside of practise. He is well aware of the competition he will encounter, the areas where he is likely to have an edge, the hazards, and the issues he will need to deal with.

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